Property Watch: Chobham Manor

Property Watch: Chobham Manor

Chobham Manor – the new Taylor Whimpy development up in the Olympic Park at Stratford – has a number of commercial units for now available for rent. We looked at some units nearby around two years ago and whilst the area is stunning, at that time it still felt a little under developed.

However now that this development is coming online, not to mention the International Quarter which is a stone’s throw away, the area is undoubtedly worth a relook. This development is right next to the Velodrome and neighbours the old Olympic Village and the Queen Elizabeth Park. Westfield is about a 7 minute walk away and Stratford thanks to development money in recent years is well connected.

The units are between 800 – 2000 square feet – perfect for a small restaurant or mid-sized coffee-shop. They come online in phases from 2017 – 19, so there’s undoubtedly some room for manoeuvre for negotiation.

Worth a look…

Chobham Manor Brochure
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