Vlogging for restaurants – can we do it ourselves? Part I

Vlogging for restaurants – can we do it ourselves? Part I

For a long time we’ve wanted to try and make our own Vlog for the bakery, showing off the skill of our chefs and getting a bit of social media attention at the same time.

Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve used video; but it is the first time we’re going to try and shoot, edit and publish our own vlog post a) on a budget and b) all by ourselves.

Firstly: a disclaimer. Our knowledge of video and how to make video is sketchy at best. Between us, we’ve cut some holiday footage using Apple’s free bundled software iMovie, but that’s about it.

So, can a bunch of amateur restaurateur consultants create a vlog video worthy of YouTube? Let’s find out…

Vlogging for restaurants: the benefits

The benefits of video are getting more and more compelling as people have access to faster connections both on the go and at home. Social-media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have invested hugely in the way they display video to their users, helping bring them up to speed to vlog industry behemoth YouTube. And that’s because video is becoming more and more popular. Our friends at HubSpot found in 2016 that 44% of social media users wanted to see more video in content and that Facebook alone saw 8 billion  video watched per day.

So the metrics make sense. But that’s not the only great thing.

Videos offer a unique insight into your business that other mediums can’t get close to. For instance we’re interested in vlogging for the bakery mainly so we can get people properly behind the scenes so that they can see that when we say our products are made from scratch, they really are made from scratch.

Our first Vlog post

So we’ve decided to start a vlog. The next question is, what should we make it on?

After some discussion with our pastry chef Bryce, we’ve settled on showing our customers how to make our special Summer Mille Feuille. This is a classic French recipe that we’ve adapted slightly to make it a tad more summery.

It’s also a hugely visual dish that will hopefully allow us to show off a bit of skill whilst looking hugely interesting.

Vlogging for restaurants: the logistics

From our small amount of experience, we know that there are two issues that will almost certainly kill off a good video idea from the outset: 1) Poor sound and 2) Poor lighting. Therefore, we’ve decided to buy a small but of kit (still on a budget) to ensure we’re off to a decent start.

We also wanted to ensure a few different angles for the shoot, so we bundled all our iPhones together and managed to borrow a GoPro off a good friend. Therefore we’ll be shooting with:

  • 2 x iPhone 7s, that can record at 1080p in 60fps (which should be sharp and nice and smooth)
  • 1 x GoPro Hero 5
  • 1 x Rode Videomicro, which plugs straight into the iPhones with the help of this adaptor from Rode
  • 2 x set of lights, which we think were pretty good value
  • A tripod we had kicking around
  • 1 x chef (French)
  • 1 x ‘presenter’
  • 1 x kitchen

We’ll be posting about the shoot and the subsequent edit later, but in the meantime, wish us luck!…

Update – Part II now posted!

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